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Print Order Information

Print Order Information

The Challenge Series will be made available as a high quality set of booklets upon its completion in late December, 2009.  These sets will be printed for distribution in January 2010, in time for the beginning of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Printing the Challenge Series employs a sophisticated multi-colour offset printing technique that ensures a high quality, aesthetic product.  The values of environmental stewardship are maintained throughout printing, using a sustainable printing process on recycled paper.

The individual cost of each completed Challenge Series set will depend on the size of the print order and whether further funding is available through granting agencies.  As such, there are three possible ordering profiles:

An order of 2000 units                             Cost per presentation set  $80.00
An order of 4000 units                             Cost per presentation set  $65.00
An order of 4000 units*                           Cost per presentation set  $45.00

*Includes $20.00 subsidy dependent on further funding.

Applicable taxes plus shipping costs are not included in above prices.

The Challenge Series team expects to complete the print order by January 20, 2010, where completed sets will be delivered by January 30, 2010.  In order to complete this print order, it is necessary to know the size of the print order in advance.  Please let us know whether you would like to become a part of the Challenge, and how many sets at each price profile you or your organization would like by contacting

From all of us at the Challenge Series, thank you.