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Durante Kreuk
Patrick Lucey
Gary Romanetz
Wally Konowalchuk
Peter Kreuk

Acknowledgements + Contributors

Cover Photography Credits
Front Cover: Danny Singer, 2009
Back Cover: Danny Singer, 2009

Next Chapter

Living Today + Tomorrow

Chapter Seven explores sustainable living – today, in the Millennium Water Olympic Village, and into the future. The chapter presents interior design and health aspects of the development, including green building finishes, tobacco smoke control and ventilation measures. Next, the net zero building on Parcel 9 is documented – a building whose systems generate as much energy as its occupants consume. From there, we look to the future: β€œnet zero, closed-loop everything?” Based on the experience gleaned from the building of Olympic Village, can sustainable development help restore and protect the planet we call home? What have we learned, and what are the next steps?

produced by Roger Bayley Inc.