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Acknowledgements + Contributors


Heather Braun, John Clelland, Bill Donald, Tilo Driessen, Paolo Gazzarrini, Otto Kauffmann, Matt Kokan, Wally Konowalchuk, Ozzie Lepore, Margot Long, John Minkevich, Cliff Oleksiew, Robin Petri, Derek Pilecki, Vic Sagorski, Denis Semail


The Challenge Series Team

Roger Bayley
Principal, Roger Bayley Inc.

Sarah Cheevers
Writer and Project Manager

Sarah Hay
Communications Coordinator


Mizu Creative, Web and Graphic Design

Bluelime Media, Web Development

Rachel Moscovich
Writer and Project Manager

Nina Winham
Editorial Director and Writer

Guest Writers

Larry Beasley
Scot Hein

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