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Challenges + Innovation + CH2 Summary

Challenges + Innovation + CH2 Summary

Challenges Cheap Jerseys free shipping

  • For Federal, Provincial and Municipal authorities to enact planning, development and building regulations that facilitate sustainable community development based on the implementation of passive design and the application of incentive programs aimed at securing compliance with both Green Building strategies and carbon emission reduction targets.
  • For municipal authorities and elected officials to encourage and support sustainable community development by ensuring comprehensive environmental, social and economic criteria are set and met in the design and approval of Official Community Plan frameworks.


Passive Design Toolkits

  • The City of Vancouver’s Sustainability Office is using its Olympic Village experience to encourage passive design in new buildings citywide. In 2009, the City published passive design “toolkits” detailing best practices to educate the industry. View them at


The City of Vancouver approved Millennium’s rezoning proposal for the Millennium Water site in October 2006. Millennium’s design team and the City of Vancouver had three years to complete their designs and construct the buildings, infrastructure and public spaces in time for the Olympics. The next two chapters of The Challenge Series will document this process, describing the challenges that arose and how they were overcome.