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Watt Watchers Canada

The WATT WATCHERS program engages West Vancouver's elementary school children in a practical learning experience that creates understanding and awareness of energy use in their homes. The Chartwell WATT WATCHERS include grades 4/5 and 6/7 with 103 children putting their family homes on an energy diet and from an average consumption measured over two weeks will tackle an energetic discussion with their families to reduce the WATTS they use, shrink their emissions and save energy.

Their families have the option to donate the money saved to the unique iSHACK program of housing renewal in the shanty towns of South Africa. These improved housing shacks will have solar powered lighting and are designed to use sustainable construction materials. The children are turning off their West Vancouver lights and turning on the lights in South Africa. The iSHACK program is further supported by a business oriented fund raising campaign aimed at raising one cent for every KWhr saved. The children's goal is to save 40,000 KWhrs.

For sponsorship opportunities call
Roger Bayley and Grace Tang
604 290 4749 / 604 716 2567