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To municipalities and utilities: to future-proof their energy infrastructure by implementing energy distribution and supply systems that support renewable technologies and prioritize the use of locally available sources of energy.

To all bodies establishing and applying energy standards and/or energy codes: to focus on performance-based measures related to energy intensity (energy usage per area), rather than specific components of building design such as insulation or window types. Energy intensity places the necessary emphasis on energy consumption and building performance, allowing alternate building designs to be compared.

To marketers and buyers of real estate: to promote (marketers) and request (buyers) the comprehensive measurement, assessment and reporting of ‘performance values’ associated with all building design features, including energy consumption, resource use, health, livability transportation and amenities.

To policy makers and building code authorities: to require the installation of resource metering technology in all new residential and office units, to promote awareness of resource usage and opportunities for energy and potable water savings.